TENGKEY Prescribed Structure Motion Software

Developed by TENGKEY Auto Safety Sys. Ltd, TK-PSM is a structure motion program for Safety simulation in Frontal or Side Impact load cases, especially used for sub-system occupant response simulation to define the vehicle structure intrusion as prescribed boundary condition by Prescribed Motion (PSM) method in side impact. Please contact us at info@ct-sim.com for any additional information.

TK-PSM enables you to generate MOTION files out of d3plot or another PSM files for a given input such as LS-DYNA or MADYMO.

Input: LS-DYNA, MADYMO, Animation file, sensor Time history etc.
Other input/output formats such as Radioss, PamCrash or Abaqus upon request

PSM Basic Feature

  • Generate the PSM file out of d3plot result data
  • PSM file can be included into occupant restraint system simulation model as prescribed structure boundary condition (structure intrusion)

PSM Mapping

  • Generate the PSM file out of test data such as accelerometer from full vehicle test 
  • PSM file is introduced into CAE Simulation to improve FE correlation with test results for better efficiency
  • PSM file is also used to check the correction of the side structure boundary intrusion

PSM Scaling

  • Parameterize and Scale the input sub-structure intrusion data
  • PSM file can be used for parametric study: optimization, DOE etc. such as effect from intrusion shape on dummy responses
Tengkey PSM Software Technical Specifications 
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