Absorber for FLEX PLI GTR

From February 2014, the Pedestrian Protection Safety Assessment by Euro NCAP is executed by using the Flexible Pedestrian Legform Impactor (Flex-PLI). After 30 car tests or before homologation testing, FLEX-PLI-GTR certification requires a dynamic inverse test carried out using Aluminum Honeycomb energy absorber.

CT-Sim GmbH supplies The “Flex-Pli” energy absorbers as pre-cut blocks according to the testing requirements:
• Alloy 5052 - Cell size 3/16 Inch - Density 2.0 pcf (Equivalent 75 Psi)
• Absorber Dimensions: W 200 mm - L 160 mm - T 60 mm Included 10 mm pre-crushed

The absorbers are manufactured according to the ISO Standard and designed to ensure consistency and good level of repeatability with high quality Aluminum Honeycomb. Please contact us by email (info@ct-sim.com) or phone (+49.6221.7271.510) for any request related to Flex-Pli GTR energy absorbers.

Other references upon request:
• Alloy 5052 - Cell size 3/16 Inch - Density 3.1 pcf
• Alloy 5052 - Cell size 1/4 Inch - Density 2.3 pcf
ATD - Flex-Pli Certification honeycomb Flyer v.07en

Please contact us per email at info@ct-sim.com in order to get the complete technical note regarding absorbers for Flex-Pli certification test
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