"with its entrepreneurial spirit, CTSim is working in a strong partnership and high flexibility in order to develop and gather new technologies that are relevant to engineering and business"

Distinct Differentiators

Design to cost / Quality / Time
Design driven manufacturing culture
Commitment to R&D, Innovation, Value-add deliverables
Collaborative Engineering
Flexible & cost effective Business models

Key Features

Has been in business since 2011
Strong network & partnership worldwide
        Asia Pacific
20+ customers from worldwide manufacturer & tier 1 suppliers

Solutions & Services

Leadership with Program & project Management Experience
Business representation / Active membership of Technical Forums & Institutions
Teaming Agreement with Prototyping, Testing & Homologation Organizations
Product Design / Product Engineering / Product Management
Product Development
        Project Scoping
        Design Feasibility
        Validation Testing
        Manufacturing Drawings
Engineering Management
        Project Scoping
        Value Analysis
        Should Costing
        Cost Optimization
        Innovation Design Solutions / IP Support
        Root Cause Analysis
        Vendor Qualification
Engineering Management
        Sustenance Engineering
        Conversion Projects
        Reverse Engineering
        CAD Customization
        Technical Publication
        2D/3D Animation
Passive Safety
Virtual Testing
3D Acquisition
Business Development
Absorbers Overview

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