Absorber for ATD Neck Certification

ATD's or Anthropometric Test Dummies are a calibrated, controlled and repeatable test instrument used to measure human injury potential in any vehicle crashes. It simulates human response to impacts, accelerations, deflections, forces and moments generated during a crash. To ensure certified performance, ATD's certifications requires neck extension/flexion tests. In that case, aluminum Honeycomb energy absorbers are used to create the required pulse for neck flexion extension tests.

CT-Sim GmbH supplies ATD energy absorbers as slices, strips or pre-cut blocks according to customer needs and according to the test requirements:
Alloy 3003 - Cell size 3/4 Inch (19 mm) - Density 0.30 Mpa - Perforated 
Available in 2 thicknesses: 6 inches or 3 inches

The absorbers are manufactured according to the ISO Standard and designed to ensure consistency and good level of repeatability with high quality Aluminum Honeycomb. Please contact us by email (info@ct-sim.com) or phone (+49.6221.7271.510) for any request related to ATD energy absorbers for neck certification.

Other references upon request:
Cell size 11/16 Inch to better fit the 4 pins support when required
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ATD - Neck Certification honeycomb Flyer V07-EN.pdf

Please contact us per email at info@ct-sim.com in order to get the complete technical note regarding absorbers for ATD neck certification test
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