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CT-Sim GmbH supplies various Energy Absorbers based on Aluminum Honeycomb core (3003, 5052 either 5056) and especially designed according to the customer need and wish such as energy absorbers for the automotive industry. Our designed aluminum honeycomb absorbers are manufactured according to the ISO Standard.
cell sizes & densities
Dimensions and thickness
Pre-crushed or not
Perforated or not

Used in many certifications within the Crash Test industry our energy absorbers ensure consistent test and high repeatability.  We also supply engineering and consulting services such as prototyping, designed, simulation etc in order to support our customers' for individual requirements.

Please contact us by email ( or phone (+49.6221.7271.510) for any request or quotation related to Aluminum honeycomb application as well as energy absorbers.
NIDA - Aluminum Honeycomb Technical Note V07-EN.pdf

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Absorbers for ATD Neck Certification Tests

Barriers for Crash Tests

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