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Founded in 2010 and Headquarter in Heidelberg (Germany), CT-Sim is an established company developing business in the field of vehicle safety.

We can bring you expertise and engineering support to your projects with also combination of testing and virtual testing. CT-Sim offers a broad range of services tailored to meet the client's most demanding needs at every step of product and process development in the field of automotive industry such as Passive & Active Safety as well as to specific applications in Aeronautic industry, Railway industry, Military applications, Ballistic, road infrastructures, heavy vehicles (truck & buses), consumer goods etc.

CT-Sim provides a unique know-how and high expertise level based on mechanical engineering, simulation and business for Passive & Active Safety industry-oriented applications & developments.

With its entrepreneurial spirit, CT-Sim is working in a strong partnership and high flexibility with its clients to improve products and business decisions. We are focused on synthesize and optimize designs, processes and decisions for and with our clients in order to develop and gather new technologies that are relevant to engineering and business success.

Please contact us for any question or project at, we will respond to you accordingly.
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